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Snow at Talland Bay

Snow at Talland Bay

A wintry view of Talland Bay from the top of Sand Hill
Normally we don't see much snow around the coast of Cornwall, and the little that we get is usually gone within an hour or two. Today has been exceptional. This morning's covering is still here in the afternoon, and the forecast is for more snow in the next few days.

Photographing snow can be tricky, especially when the sun reflects off it. You need to stop down a bit, and allow for the foreground being brighter than the sky instead of the other way around.

If the forecasters are right I might get some more chances to try snow shots before the week is out.

This shot made it into the Western Morning News' "Passionate about our landscape" section and the 2010 Westcountry Calendar.

Canon 5D, 40mm, ISO400, 1/60 at f22